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Intermediate Photo Camp Day 4

Intermediate Photo Camp Day 3

Intermediate Photo Camp Day 2

Intermediate Photography Camp July 20-23, 2009

We have completed the first day of the intermediate photography camp at Silver Eye. The theme on day 1 was Light and Dark.  The topics covered included using light and shadow as design tools for communicating ideas.  We also learned about adjusting exposure, contrast, brightness and levels with Photoshop Elements and how to manually control exposure.

Here are some photos.


Light and Movement

On day 3 of Photo Camp we experimented with aperture and shutter speed to control light, movement and depth of field.

Photographic Design

On day 2 of Silver Eye’s Introduction to Digital Photography Camp, we focused on basic photographic design principles such as line, shape, form, pattern, balance, camera angle, proportion, texture, tone and color.  Here are some examples:

Introduction To Digital Photography Camp

Inside The Camera

On the first day of photo camp we turned the Silver Eye conference room (and the Silver Eye restroom!) into a camera obscura to learn about how our camera’s work from the inside out.  We talked about the basic elements needed to make a photograph (a dark space, an aperture and light) and we used our digital cameras to capture the  moving images projected inside our camera obscura.

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